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The Apothecary

I offer the reliable folk remedies that we use in our own home - to keep our family healthy from viruses and bacteria found in schools, grocery stores, and the average family household. Our remedies are for anyone seeking simple solutions for every day ailments. I use safe ingredients, and old-world extraction methods, to bring together a complete family apothecary and helpful medicinal offerings. 

We make small batches of botanical elixirs and herbal skin care products. We source our ingredients as locally as possible, from the garden, the neighborhood, the mountains and the forest. We place an emphasis on high quality oils.  

Send us an email to inquire about purchasing craft Hemp flower, High CBD and CBG Hemp biomass, white-label botanical elixirs, CBD salves and CBD skin care products, grown and gathered in line with regulations set by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. 


Meet the Maker

Adrianne and her family live in Southern Oregon. Her rural mountain home is nestled in the Siskiyou Forest, among medicinal trees such as elder, willow, hawthorn, ginkgo biloba, witch hazel, oak, madrone, pine, cedar, juniper, apple, plum, cherry, and apricot. In her garden, you will find comfrey, red clover, craft hemp, angelica, lavender, rosemary, chamomile, St. John’s Wort, mullein and more. 

She has experience wildcrafting plants from the natural landscape around her home, as well as growing plants from seed in her acre garden. Adrianne practices organic agriculture and has been farming medicinal plants in Northern California and Southern Oregon for more than ten years. She strives to create a diversified ecosystem with a sustainable, holistic approach, using organic and locally-sourced materials and involving her young children whenever possible. 


Relevant Experience

Adrianne’s diverse experiences - from classrooms, to dusty rural farming communities, and travel around the world - have made her qualified, and uniquely informed, about growing, cultivating and implementing medicinal herbs into the daily rhythms. 

Following high school, Adrianne studied at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in Denver, Colorado. She received a degree in occupational therapy, and specialized in herbalism and kinesiology. Adrianne also studied cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, massage therapy, spa arts and sciences. 

Beyond schooling, her travels saw her living and working on a family farm in Guatemala, and studying with a midwife herbalist and healer from the Mayan tribe, Kaqchikel. While in Guatemala, Adrianne furthered her training in midwifery with German midwife Hannah Freiwald at her birthing center, Manos Abiertas, in Cuidad Vieja. During this apprenticeship, Adrianne lived at the clinic and attended women’s health care appointments and clinic births. When she returned Stateside, Adrianne studied with Vicky Penwell of Mercy in Action Midwifery in Boise, Idaho. Here, she completed a course of home birth academic studies, while focusing on low-intervention births in rural communities.

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We do our best to provide quality products made with organically gown, gathered and locally sourced ingredients.  Please contact us with feedback and special requests.  We are always looking to improve our services and connect with other people using plant remedies.  

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