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 We are just one little family out here under the sun and the moon and a bunch of tall trees.  I think it’s really special that we can connect with our medicine and it’s makers in this way. ⠀

Herbal medicine is more than ordering a jar off the internet filled with a distillate from a plant grown on the other side of the world.  Whether it’s my family or someone else’s, the medicine that will be most healing to you will be made by someone with whom you deeply align. I know this to be true. ⠀We make small batch herbal remedies from plants we grow ourselves.  We sprout the seeds. We tend the plants.  We make the remedies. From seeds to labels, I can offer simple, safe, effective medicine. ⠀

We’ve shared our faith, projects, passions, successes, heart aches, five years of marriage and two beautiful home births.


My days are rooted in Organic Farming and Growing Babies.  I makes small batch, herbal medicine in the form of Tinctures, Elixirs and Salves.  

I studied at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, specializing in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Western Herbalism. I have apprenticed in multiple Women’s Health Care Clinics, under the guidance of cross cultural Midwives and Herbalists. 

Hablamos español. 

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We do our best to provide quality products made with organically gown, gathered and locally sourced ingredients.  Please contact us with feedback and special requests.  We are always looking to improve our services and connect with other people using plant remedies.  

House of Hens and Grit

Cave Junction, Oregon 97523, United States

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